Timberman 70.3 – RESULTS! – Qualified for WORLD Championships!

World Triathlon Corporation announces the Ford Ironman World Championship 70.3, an event supported by a new global series of Ironman 70.3 events. For the first time ever, athletes who complete a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike and a 13.1 mile run will have the unique opportunity to qualify for a world championship at that distance.

All Ironman 70.3 events will culminate at the Ford Ironman World Championship 70.3 event in Florida scheduled for November 11, 2006.

“The Ironman 70.3 name will distinguish our events both in name and in quality. We believe the new series will energize the competitive spirit and fully recognize the distance accomplished by our athletes,” says Steve Meckfessel, Ironman 70.3 events director.

List of 2007 events for qualifying:

Antwerp Ironman 70.3
Australia 70.3
Austria 70.3
Baja 70.3
Brazil 70.3
Buffalo Springs 70.3
California 70.3
Cancun 70.3
Eagleman 70.3
Florida 70.3
Geelong 70.3
Germany 70.3
Hawaii 70.3
Lake Stevens 70.3
Monaco 70.3
Newfoundland 70.3
Pucon 70.3
Singapore Ironman 70.3
St. Croix 70.3
Steelhead 70.3
Switzerland 70.3
Timberman 70.3
UK 70.3
Vineman 70.3
World Championship 70.3

Timberman 70.3 Features Competitive Pro Field
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The Timberman 70.3 will be happening this Sunday, August 19, 2007 at Ellacoya State Park, Gilford, NH. If weather predictions are correct the athletes can expect partly cloudy skies with a high of 72 degrees, making way for potential record-breaking times. While the packed professional field will be chasing after the $13,500 prize purse, the age group competitors will be vying for one of the 75 qualifying slots to the Ford Ironman World Championships 70.3 in Clearwater this November.

The athletes start their day at 7:00am in one of 12 waves, with the professional athletes heading out first. The 1.2 mile swim takes place in the fresh, clear blue water of Lake Winnipesaukee. Once out of T2, competitors head out on to one of the most spectacular bike rides on the 70.3 cirucuit.
The 56-mile scenic out and back bike course is mostly rolling hills but the athletes will face several challenging climbs ranging from 3% to 9% grade before returning to Ellacoya State Park.

The 13.1 mile run is a scenic, 2-loop course along the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee. To take their minds off of the rolling hills athletes can just look across the big lake, and see the majestic White Mountains that fill the horizon.

Preliminary RESULTS – from the IRONMAN website —>> CLICK HERE for more information
The Timberman 70.3 got a break today! The weatherman finally saw it right and the athletes experienced some of the best conditions in recent memory. The water temperature was a comfortable 71 degrees, the skies were clear, and the mild 10 mph wind that served as a tail wind coming home on the bike acted as a cooling fan for the 13.1 mile run. Simon Lessing and Desiree Ficker took full advantage of the beautiful day to cross the line in first place, dethroning the 2006 defending champions Bjorn Andersson and Karen Smyers.

So after a pretty strong swim (for me) – smooth and thinking about technique and planing in the water, I felt pretty good exiting the 1.2 mi swim. So happy to get on the bike – my strategy for the race was FOCUS on the swim to be smarter and better technique (hopefully to make up for my lack of training), PUSH on the bike (also not much training here, but with the past success and strength of riding, I know I can pull it off) and then to KICK it on the run… my strength and what I have been spending my training time on (because of Boston and next Chicago).

I checked the site, was well prepared with my checklist, and although having a TON of packing because we camped at Gunstock both nights, I felt like I had it all together and was ready. There were 4 slots for my age group, so in the back of my mind the whole race (my competitive nature) – I thought and had this dream… that maybe… I could qualify for the world championship.

I relaxed the whole day before on Saturday with Steve and we drove the bike course and checked out the transition area before checking in my bike. Knowing the bike course was a true plus, so I didn’t stress…

Results? Well I was 8th out of the water for the red caps which were the 35-45 girls and then 20 mph avg on the bike for 56 miles (really got me psyched I could pull this off) and then my run was pretty good even though I worried about having exhausted my strength pushing on the bike.

After finishing – my legs were exhausted and my back was pretty done for… Steve was there at the finish for my victory hug and kudos… I was thrilled with my race, I knew inside I had done well.. just not sure how well and if I actually did it.

We went gathered my bike, transition gear and then to the food for some nutrition, after living on GU and fuel on the bike (that bagel in the morning at 5 am was LONG GONE!). After wandering we found where the results were posted and I found my name.
5:15 total time
1:40 1/2 marathon
2:15 on the bike
4th in my division

I qualified! I AM thrilled!

Then when picking up the certificate for the world championship after confirming that YES i qualified, they had me listed as 3rd (must be a pro was mistakedly in my group), and then when announced at the podium, I was 2nd (they delete the elite winners from that group). SO 2nd in my age group and QUALIFYING for the WORLD championships 70.3. I am THRILLED (can you tell?). You should see my face on the podium (GLOWING). : )

More later when the results are posted. And we have a ton of photos – what an amazing weekend!!

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