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Alice is a little girl with big dreams to ski down a beautiful mountain, like the skiers that she sees on TV. That dream becomes reality when her parents bring her on a ski trip to Vermont where she experiences the fear, the joy, the adventure and the feeling of accomplishment when she gets to the bottom.

Is the magic of snowflakes for real? Do they lift you up? Alice’s adventure to the ski mountain gives her the confidence to believe in the mystical magic of snowflakes and believe in herself with the encouragement of her ski instructor.

A percentage of proceeds from the book sale will be going to Skiing is Believing Charity.

About Skiing is Believing LLC
Skiing is Believing LLC and its partner organization, The Charitable Link, a 501c(3) organization, are in the “business of empowerment.” Together, these organizations empower children and adults through movement and (snow) sports of all kinds.

Skiing is Believing understands the life skills that can be learned through moving the body, both on and off snow.
The mission of promoting, supporting, and easing access to (snow) sports is achieved through a variety of day camps, after-school, scholarship, and private sport, and recreational programs, while also utilizing other tools, means, and talents within the snow sports industry.

Skiing is Believing is also the owner and operator of “The Biggest Little Ski Hill.” Skiing is Believing started its first programs in 2018, and today operates a variety of athletic and community service-based programs in the Reno-Tahoe area, working with 70+ organizations to achieve its mission. Thanks to the proceeds from this book, Skiing is Believing will be able to continue to “promote healthy bodies, happy minds and good hearts through sport and community service.”

Skiing is Believing ...

is more than a story about a little girl learning to ski;
it is a story of adventure, magic and believing in one’s abilities.

Read along and imagine the magical snowflakes falling, giving lift and inspiration to Alice as she races down the mountain! Confidence with care and making dreams come true is what this story hopes to inspire young children to achieve great things, all because they believe!

Meet the Author

Skiing is Believing began as a Tall Tale speech at a Toastmaster contest. Nancy was so excited to tell this story that she realized that not only was it fun and entertaining, but also inspiring! Believe it and you can achieve it! became so vital a message she knew she had to publish it.   

Apart from being an author, Nancy is a record breaking athlete, mom and wife, cancer survivor, philanthropist, coach, trainer, speaker, and consultant.  Read more here

See it, Believe it and Achieve it!

Wonderful message of self-belief!
I absolutely adore this book and will be passing it on to every child who needs to hear that believing in oneself is the key to success and empowerment. I wish I had this book when I was younger. I would have believed in myself more, like Alice.

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