World’s Most Mentally Sexy Dad

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(I discovered them through T3T)

 Since the dawn of time–or perhaps longer, it has been thought that in order for male to become more desireable it was all about our  or to become sexier in the eyes of their significant others a long series of workouts with an ab cruncher were in order. But, as we have come to discover, women find their  husbands sexy when they step up and pitch in. That could mean scrubbing the toilets, mopping the floors or changing the catbox. Other turn ons for moms include being a good dad and a complimentary mate.

World’s Most Mentally Sexy Dad

After the Australian and American Most Mentally Sexy Dads have been crowned, the top five from each country will be given two weeks to submit a second round entry. These second round entries will be sent to all American and Australian judges.
The judges will give each entry a score from 0 – 10, for a total out of fifty, based on the five following criteria:

Judging Criteria:

Sincerity – Does the entrant seem sincere in his effort to be Mentally Sexy?
Engineered Originality – How original is the entry? How hard did this guy try to be Mentally Sexy?

X Factor – Is there something special about this entry that sets it apart from the crowd? Something extra Mentally Sexy?

Sustainability – From the information provided does it seem the entrant will be able to maintain Mental Sexiness long-term? Or is this a flash in the pan attempt at glory?
So rather than nominate my amazing husband, I thought I would just highlight him here on my blog.  Knowing that he is a shoe in for this award, but not wanting the national fame, I think I will just crown him now and tell you all why.  

So here it is ….. My interview with my husband — 

Why is he the World’s Most Mentally Sexy Dad?  (and physically too – be only for me!)

 (His answer in my words)
I coach my kids in skiing, in soccer & all other sports and of course in life.  I support my wife along the way with her running endeavors and photography.  I teach all that to show passion in what you do is the most important thing.   My children are all so successful in their lives, happy and strong, fit and beautiful because of the love and support that we give them as a family, and especially from me — the “Dad”.  🙂
I have been coaching skiing since the 70’s, coaching my own kids since they were 3-4 years old and now my older children are now 24 and 22.   Schuyler is 8 and I value this time with him in J5’s so much that I have dedicated my teaching to these kids and Schuyler to show how focused coaching can really make a difference in their performance.  It is a joy to watch them ALL improve and grow.

I am an engineer!  🙂  I am who I am, the originality speaks for itself.  There is no one like me.

Xtra Mentally Sexy?
(again – his answer in my words)
I do not consider anything I do to be an attempt at “fame” but just to be the best I can be in all aspects of life, especially as a father.  I lost my father at a young age and realize what it means to have that love and support.  My mom did such a great job with our family of 9 boys and one girl, filling in as “dad”, and I really love the values and love that she shared with all of us.

He is a winner, the winner in my life!  I love my husband so much!

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