World Cup Dreams

Our trip to Mt Hood was truly amazing — every day —- every moment — family, skiing, friends, and more.  It met and exceeded all expectations all the way to the ride home.  We met wonderful people, ate at great restaurants, skied GS and Slalom, learning along the way — coaching and hanging out with some amazing little ski racers and watched Schuyler improve and grow to love the sport of skiing even more than ever. 
This one day all the World Cup Olympic athletes supporting “World Cup Dreams” were at the mountain.  They were in town signing autographs the day before, but little Alexandra Welters heard that they were at the top of Mt Hood and the kids waited for them to return to get these amazing athletes to sign their helmets. A little funny was that Schuyler hiked down and back to the rock on the snow (which was quite a ways) to retrieve a Sharpie for helmet signing.  We saw him hiking in his ski boots as I brought him his skis to ski to mid station (the location I am talking about is almost 8000 feet).  I was pretty proud of him, but totally thought he was nuts (or just has a big crush on Alexandra!)  shhhhhh
We got to meet the World Cup athletes and this website talks more about the foundation, but I was impressed with the work that they are doing to support these amazing young athletes.  Insurance, training, etc… costs a lot and with no support — this foundation helps them all around.  I really want to get more involved in their efforts – hopefully next year when we return to Mt Hood! 
These photos were my choice for Black & White Wednesday – they are not of the World Cup athletes, but of our own Mount Snow Ski Club kids at the top — looking so happy and so proud to be skiing at camp that week —- it was a sight to see!  And my son Schuyler…… got to love that smile!

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