Why I Row 2020-21 Season

What did I accomplish in this crazy quarantine year? I discovered the joy of indoor rowing! Or should I say the obsession with meters upon meters and challenges and competitions!

Nancy E. Peck-Cook

Why Do I Row?

1. Focuses my mindset on breathing and technique

2. Takes my mind off of everything else!

3. Gets me in to a meditative zone hearing the flywheel get loud, louder, loudest!

4. The balance between work and recovery is learned on the rowing machine5. Quick Full Body Workout

6. Data to show I am improving, or just data to look at to see what I did and maybe what to do differently next time. 

7. A new sport to master, every distance you can try and master your own personal best.

 8. Stretching is ingrained in the movements – Body Vesper – Stretch in the warmups.

9. Racing – I love to compete and this is a sport that it is SO easy to join a virtual race and compete with others to push myself harder!

10. It’’s FUN and I have met the most amazing people in this sport! Waking up at 6 am to see others in the studio and others from around the world logging in to row has helped me stay accountable to rowing every day!  Live2Row Studios

There are so many things to be proud of when you start a new sport and decide to focus and put in your 100% to see what you can do and if your body is up to the challenge. Below are my statistics for the Concept2 Rowing season – starts May 1st and runs through April 31st. It is a good measure of meters, and ranking for your distances. I had an amazing year and was featured on the Concept2 pages with these numbers.

4 million meter season total

Denver Indoor Rowing Champs champion in many events and First team San Diego Crew Classic with an amazing team of women average age 60

CRASH B 1st in age 2000 meters 7:24.9

Custom plan dedicated training with Live2Row Studios in order to achieve the above and below!

American record in age for the Marathon 2:59:52.0

Rowstreak of 381 days ending April 15. Every single day! Even when I broke my wrist

Top ten in age for 9 of the ranked distances

Most of all I am thankful for all of the people that I have met who have encouraged me, coached me, giving me the strength and confidence and passion to continue Rowing. Who knew that one year ago where I would be now in my love for rowing. I can’t imagine my life without it and I am thankful for all of you. \"🙏\"

Keep up all your training and dedication whether you’re here to set a world record, gets fit \"💪🏼\"move some weight, or just make some friends \"😍\"\"🥰\" this is a healthy place to be! Cheers to next season goals, challenges, competitions and many many more meters.

This is a repost of my feature on the Concept2 Social Media pages from summer 2021.

Blessed and thankful for all my followers, subscribers and supporters!

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