What does it mean to be a Mountain Goat – USATF NE?

Statistics of the Mountain Goat accomplishments:
* Approximately 35 miles over 8 weeks
* 11987 feet of elevation ascended
* 5100 feet of elevation descended

Mt. Washington Lottery bypass is given to all Mountain Goats…..

Here is the picture of the group of mountain goats that have completed all 6 races and another picture of just the women goats! Those that have their hands raised are first year goats!

What a great series and challenging sport to get into – I am very glad I made the commitment.

What does it mean to be a mountain goat?
1. You took on the challenge and the commitment to run 6 mountain races in New England – mostly uphill, but some with some crazy dangerous downhills as well.
2. You crossed the start line in rain, lightning, beating down heat and sunshine – – and proceeded with trust that the course was well marked to get you up and down (in some cases only) to the finish line
3. You support the sport of track and field – USATF member and promote running to others, inherently by finishing all these crazy races and talking about it!

Cool. Yes indeed an accomplishment. But mostly very cool to finish all 6 and then on top of it for me to rank among these amazing runners! I have achieved yet another level of athletics that I may not have imagined I would take on even 2 years ago… Very cool indeed.

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