The VT50 Plan

Here is the plan.  I have been studying the website, the blog & the race director emails.   Planning for the VT50 to be sure I feel comfortable has really got me excited about the day, but need to be ready and have a plan.  I know it seems crazy after all of the marathons I have done to be so nervous, but the difference in this “race” is the mileage, the need to be patient and not to push too hard in the beginning is more important than ever.  There is a need to be smart and coherent throughout so nutrition will be essential – leading up to the race and during the race too.  
What to wear? 🙂
Fanny pack:  Phone, camera with video capacity
GU, bars, water
Shorts & tech tank shirt

Taper Time!
Sleep at least 8 hours a day for 2 weeks
Trail running & hill climbs with intermittent walking
Double digit challenge up until taper time

Aid Stations
Steve, Jill & Jim are planning on being there for support and to meet me at the 3 locations
#1 Coon Club Both M4.2 5:45 AM 9:30 AM
No handler access No drop bags Next Aid K3.3/ M 4.3 miles
#2 Dart’s 50M M8.5 6:15 AM 8:30:00
No handler access No drop bags Next Aid 3.83 miles
#4 Skunk Hollow 50M M12.3 6:30 AM 9:25 AM
Handler Access Drop bags Next Aid 7 miles
#5 Garvin Hill 50M M19.3 7:15 AM 11:20 AM
No handler access No drop bags Next Aid 3.9 miles
#6 Cady Brook 50M M23.2 7:15 AM 12:15 PM
No handler access No drop bags Next Aid 4.4 miles
#7 Margaritaville Both K10.5 miles, M27.6 7:30 AM 1:35 PM
No Handler access No Drop Bags Next Aid K2.4 M4.3 miles
#8 Dugdale’s Both K12.9 miles, M31.9 7:45 AM 2:20 PM
Handler Access Drop Bags Next Aid K5.4 M5.4 miles
#9 Fallon’s Both K18.3 miles, M37.3 8:15 AM 3:25 PM
No handler access No drop bags Next Aid K3.8 M3.8 miles
#10 Goodman’s Both K22.1 miles, M41.1 8:30:00 4:25 PM
No handler access No drop bags Next Aid K6.1 M6.1 miles
#11 Johnson’s Both K28.2 miles, M47.2 9:15 AM 5:45 PM
Handler Access Drop Bags 2.8 Miles to Finish!!!!

3 Drop Bag opportunities: 
What to put in the drop bags – 
Extra shoes, extra socks, water, GU20, GU, Other nutrition, hat, extra tech shirt, shorts, Body Glide, Sunscreen towel &  first aid
8900 feet of climbing
50/50 road and trail
Fastest male time from 2010:  6:36
Cut off time:  12 hours 
(they will sweep you off the course if they think you can’t make the cut off time)
See below elevation profile of the course

Finish Line: 
 2 Bottles of Cook’s Champagne
Extra set of clothes
Fleece or Nano Puff
Blanket for the ride home  đź™‚

Yahoo!  Here we go —-  18 days and counting…..

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