Ready, Set, Roll! The second book for my children's book series! Let's Roll!
Inline skating Rollerblade skate to ski

What’s Next!? 

After becoming a best selling author in February 2022, with my first book “Skiing is Believing”, I knew that this series must go on!  To inspire young children and adults alike to achieve new dreams and set new goals is something that truly energizes me!  

My experience in sport is wide spread, but sharing the fun and adventure of sport and how it builds confidence is what energizes me.  Looking forward to telling a tale of learning and experiencing inline skating in my next book.  “Ready, Set, Roll!”  


In 2021 I was honored to be designated a Skate to Ski Ambassador for Rollerblade Inline Skates and it has been an incredible experience for me as an athlete and coach.  The team at Rollerblade is very supportive and our small group working on Skate to Ski promotions with PSIA nationwide is energizing and fun to envision the future of inline skating as it relates to ski training.  

This book will help to bridge comparable skills from skiing to skating, and share the experiences that I have had in teaching and in getting out in the world and rolling along with my inline skates!

Check out this latest Reel on my IG that shares the fun that we have inline skating! 

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Thank you for checking out and buying my first children’s book! I know that this one will bring fun and adventure to even more children!  Have you tried inline skating?  Have you used it for off season training for skiing?  

Thanks for stopping by! Please leave a comment below AND Stay TUNED!  


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Inline skating Rollerblade skate to ski
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