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Shoe Review: Altra Torin

You can find the review from Runner\’s World on the Torin and it gives you all the specs of this zero drop shoe. My friend Charlie Johnston (Dream Teamer / Marathoner extraordinaire) recommended I try these shoes when I reached out looking to see what was the footwear of choice. The minimalist style, zero drop, wide toe box Altra Torin was my final choice when I went to make the purchase of a new style shoe for me.

\"ScreenWhen they came in the mail the packaging was super cool with explanation of the zero drop and the reason for the tread design and the wide toe box. All of this was part of my decision to order the shoe. So as winter kept coming and the roads were so snowy I kept them in the box for a while. Until, finally today — on my longer run for the week I decided to pull them out for a 12 miler.


What I love about the Torin:

  1.  True to fit (actually fits a bit snug – but that I consider true)
  2. Wide toe box for toes to feel comfortable and my feet don\’t fall \”asleep\”
  3. Super cute color to match my WMDP jersey and reminds me of my Keen clogs
  4. Lightweight
  5. Zero drop was good for me seemed to keep me moving forward and faster!

What I felt was different about the Torin

  1. Toe jam — reminded me of my ski boots and my toe nail jammed forward
  2. Cushioning in the shoe wasn\’t quite enough as my sole felt more pressure  – although this may because of the zero drop.
  3. My legs didn\’t fatigue or feel sore like some people, but we shall see how they perform in racing.

I feel like I should have not tested them initially on this 12 miler, but should have started with a shorter distance to get used to them, but when the weather was so perfect out today I really wanted to give them a try! Of course I got them muddy — but felt great on my run today!


What are you running on these days? Do you love your current shoe choice? Share with me your favorite…. I have some New Balance in the closet to try next but I am going to keep giving these Altra Torin\’s a chance to shine!

36 days till the Boston Marathon! Let\’s get running!


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