Tour de Amherst – #4 – 20 miler

Tour de Amherst – #4 – 20 miler by nanskimtn at Garmin Connect – Details

First weekend off of the spring after finishing at Mount Snow on Sunday…. so I planned to do a long run this morning.  I headed out with my Garmin which I love because I can improvise on route and just run as if it is a tour of the countryside.  I find that I get bored on the bike path…. but it is so flat and fast and no traffic, that I have to put pieces of it in my route.  I ran out toward Amherst thinking of touring the green because it was such a cool scene yesterday seeing everyone out enjoying the spring….  but I didn’t make it that far.  It’s quite the run from Belchertown when you add in all these side roads.  I felt great after warming up with Oakley with a little speed — I kept an eye on my pace right around 8:30 – 8:40 m/mi.  I think that is where I am most comfortable in training.  Thinking about Boston because it is so close and really how will I perform on that day.  What are my goals?  What do I really think I can do?  I will put some thought to that this week.  🙂  Most likely right around 3:15 depending on my stomach which was my detriment in DC.   I love my music and Rihanna kept me going the whole way — her upbeat music and voice just kept pushing me the whole way.  

2 high spots to my tour —-

Links to spots of interest along the way!

Fuel:  Banana, 1 GU and Shaklee Performance
Recovery:  Pineapple juice, OJ, Frozen Strawberries & Yogurt, Performance & Physique with ice in the vita mix.
Powersong:  “Rude Boy” by Rihanna

 16 days to go to BOSTON!
Taper time…..   need to feel out my speed a little more this week to see what my stomach can handle in order not to be feeling yucky in the marathon like in DC.

$1320 raised — only $680 to meet my $5000 goal for ACS Determination! 
Please support my efforts.  I am now #5 in the rankings!  I think I could get #3, but need some help!  Thank you to all my donors!

“Keep on running…”

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