Top Three Thursday: We are all Hoarders…

Today is Top Three Thursday —- Link to the Unexperienced Mom site where others have linked up to share their tops for the day! 

Todays Top Three Thursday….

What are the Top 3 things you should have thrown away…       like, yesterday?

3.  Hot tub bikini that I honestly will never wear in public, nor do we own or plan on owning a hot tub in the near future….  and when we get one, I think I will deserve a new bikini!  🙂

2.  Jewerly — I collect wooden jewerly boxes and have filled them up with jewerly I honestly don’t know if I will ever wear again.  But where should it go?  That garage sale that we have been planning for the past 3 years has not happened, and do people really buy old jewerly from strangers anymore?  I was thinking my neices…. I have 4 of them and they may just appreciate it…..  any other ideas? 

theunexperiencedmom.com1.  This old LL Bean suitcase I have owned since 1999.  I am looking at it right now, so it is definitely still usable, but it has been flying more than 200,000 miles!  Back in the days I used to travel a lot this was the case that got me there with a carry on…  I can fit EVERYTHING in it — love it!  They don’t sell them anymore or I would buy a replacement as I have been shopping for something similar.  Although I will not get a suitcase with my name on it again — the bag check guys and security folks think it is funny to say hi (as I have never met them) because they know my name from my bag.  There are coffee stains galore on it and at least 2 of the side zippers are now broke….   I need a NEW suitcase!  🙂
I have a pile in the basement — crazy when I moved here 3 years ago there are still things in the basement I have not gone through to decide whether to keep or sell and there is a BIG pile in the corner for that elusive garage sale!

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