Top Three Thursday – What’s behind your name?

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This week’s rendition of T3T is the question:   
“What are your top 3 favorite names?” 

Schuyler – I have to say there is a reason why I named my son — after my grandfather on my dad’s side.  Schuyler Shepard Peck was his name and my due date was 100 years to the date when Grampa Schuyler was born in Saratoga, NY.  Then of course I was 5 days late…… none the less 100 years and 5 days later, the next Schuyler was born.  I didn’t know that fact until the end of my pregnancy, and it makes a great story.  Schuyler is a very strong, tall, young boy now and following in my dad’s footsteps, so I am very proud that I named him Schuyler.  What an amazing child.

Nancy – I actually love my name.  My mom’s story is that she named her dolls Nancy Ann and was going to name me that (also after my Grama Anne who turns 90 this year!)….  but the neighbor up the street named her little girl that name and I was left with Nancy Elizabeth…. which I think is very regal / royal / fancy and no crazy nick names….. just a “Nance” or Fancy Nance —– 🙂  I think it a very pretty name too — 🙂

Stephen — yes, my husband’s name — and not JUST because I am so madly in love with him…..  But the “phen” is the best on this name…  and after you hear the Taylor Swift song “Hey Stephen” you love it even more.

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Photo booth fun!
This first one is about 2 1/2 years ago —
The bottom one is from today!

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