Top Ten – Girlfriends

(Photos of me above with Sharon, Judy & Paige)

The extension of the “List” party was a piece of my list – – to recognize, nurture, thank, love and play with my friends, my girlfriends. Think of those you trust with ANYTHING; your secrets, your toys, your atheltic gear, your son or daughter… and more. Are they girls from high school, college, your ski bum days, special friends or special moms?

1. Know and celebrate their birthday – it may only be an e-card, snail mail card or a fun little present.

2. Spend time doing what you enjoy together! Playing with your kids, skiing, cycling, dancing or just hanging out in the hot tub.

3.Keep them top of mind – don’t ever forget them – nurture your friendships….

My Top Ten (plus):
Tina Naimie – NH
Sue Ann Maresca – CT
Suzanne Logan-Nadeau – UT
Judy Reichling – GA
Shawn Coltharp – KY
Susan Silodor – OR
Sharon Thielke – NH
Jeanette MacKenzie – VT
Suzanne Striglia – VT
Jana Ash – CO
Paige Rogers – NH
Becky Lunders – CA
Kim Stoughton – NH
Lesley Rawlings – MA
Carol Helmick – OH
Dawn Zajk – NH
Shelley Mauss – WA
Kathi Matthews – WA

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