Here we go – this is a timeline of each point in the road on this journey to date….

June 1 (approx) – Felt a little sick on my runs, stomach just not right…

June 7 (approx) – Felt a lump in my stomach, maybe digestive issues, diet?  Tried various things… Steve helps to monitor and watch the size.  Stomach sick, appetite supressed, a little nausea are my other symptoms

June 18 – Lump has grown bigger, Steve encourages me to make an appointment with my doctor

June 23 – appointment with Dr. Levheim for evaluation of lump(s) found in abdomen area

June 25 – CT Scan at Cooley Dickinson

June 28 – appointment with Dr. Levheim

It’s CANCER – Lymphoma – CT scan shows indicative results

June 29 – appointment with Dr. Marvelli – pre surgery biopsy appointment

July 1 – phone conference with Dr. Len

July 2 – CT guided biopsy with Dr. Hartnell

July 7 – Oncology consult with Dr. Deb Smith

It’s Lymphoma – Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma
Chemo – RHOP – 6 cycles at 3 weeks = 4 months

July 9 – Dr. Jeffrey Barnes at Mass General oncology consult, bone marrow biopsy, blood tests. Blood tests good – results on biopsy take 4 days
Potential of 3 different types of Bcell Lymphoma

July 12 – Echo Heart testing at Cooley Dickinson Hospital

July 12 – Phone with Dr. Barnes bone marrow tests show other possibilities, including Hodgkins Lymphoma – still same prognosis, but with different and possible less toxic treatment.

Need to now schedule a surgical biopsy. If we have the biopsy at Mass General we can get results and action sooner. Waiting to hear from Dr. Smith to work to schedule surgical biopsy and expedite this surgical biopsy and get a good diagnosis right from the start, which was our advice from Dr. Len right at the beginning!

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