This is Who i Am (6) – {Food Simplicity}

Catching up on my assignments for this Free Online Creative Workshop from Divas & Dreams (link below).  
I have really enjoyed all these photo challenges and how it has been putting my photography in perspective where I can learn by seeing other people’s work and working on my own skill and eye.  AND getting to know my camera better.  Any of you out there that are photogs at heart, no matter what kind of camera you have — this is a great way to have fun with your photography and share with others.  Join in on the fun.  My Photography Fun page has a link to all the challenges that I have participated in if you want to jump in at any time!  🙂

SO here is last weeks assignment from Divas & Dreams:
(And sad to say the last of this series)  🙁

1. Choose one kind of food you really enjoy. It can be anything, but the key is to keep it simple. Try to present your favorite food via the simplicity that only a photo can create.


I chose basil because in the summer time all the organic gardens come out with such wonderful fresh vegetables and herbs.  We enjoy basil year round, but only in the summer is it straight out of the garden or readily available at our local garden shop and Whole Foods in pots to plant and nourish in our own soil.  I love the look of the herb and the smell when you rub it in your fingers or chop & rip it up for a nice salad.  We enjoy it in all of our salads, but most of all as an Italian Capresse Salad with fresh tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, red onion, fresh garlic, EVOO & aged balsamic with some salt & pepper.  So incredible!  That and to make home made pesto for chicken or pasta & freeze some for future is always great too!  Yumm….  

Here is my Basil photo


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