This is Who i Am (5) – {Hair Flips}

I have been participating in this free online workshop combining writing and photography to discover yourself and do some great reflection.  This is #5 in the series, but you can join in at anytime.  I have linked to Divas & Dreams below – it is a MUST SEE in the blog world — her photography is amazing and I love to visit her site to see all the amazing art she has posted.  RIght now I am a couple assignments behind!   So here is #5!

From Divas & dreams:
1. So today the assignment is, of course to do a hairflip photo. And if you are like me and you don´t have much hair (mine is just down to the shoulders), don´t panic, you are allowed to use a model. This is a good exercise in shooting movement.

Those of you who know my latest challenge will laugh as currently I have NO hair!  🙂  But I do have a great shot of Samantha that I took on the boat that I have been waiting to highlight.  I am thinking I need to get out there and take some more of this type of action photography as that is my favorite!  I just saw a great water scene of a hair flip in the water and it is an amazing shot.  I got some great ones of our British & Brazilian visitors on the boat last night, but none specific for this assignment.  

See my selections below:

I love this photo of our daughter Samantha on the boat —- pulling her hair out of the pony tail in the wind.  I wish that I wasn’t in the mirror, but it makes it kind of cool too!  🙂  She didn’t know I was taking this shot, so I only had a few of these to select from — but I really like it.  Our day with the family that day is such a great memory for me.  I love spending time when all 3 kids are in the same place with us — and that doesn’t happen much with Samantha and Stephen in their twenties.  

Last night we had all three of the Challenger Soccer Coaches on the boat for Pizza and fun on the Connecticut River.  We all were able to waterski and then they all had time on the tube.  I did capture some “hair flipping” here too!  It was such fun and the faces of these young incredible soccer players was so much fun to photograph.  And I can’t resist one of Schuyler our son — so cute!  🙂  
Please leave a comment – let me know what you think!  🙂

This is Marian – from the most southern point of Brazil and going to LSU in the fall 
(gotta love the face!)

Schuyler – some unintentional, but VERY fun hair flipping!  🙂  
He went faster than ever on the tube last night — I was so proud of him!

And if Matt (from the UK) had more hair, it would be flipping here (sorry had to sneak this one in because I LOVE it so much!)  Great action shot!

Believe me – I would rather be flipping my hair than being bald, but I pull off the Olympic swimmer look pretty well eh?  I will hair flip again NEXT summer.  Promise! 

For more great hair flips and information on this free creative workshop here is the link.  Divas and Dreams is one of my favorite photography blogs of all time!  Love her stuff!  Enjoy — and don’t forget to leave a comment below!  Thanks for stopping by!


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