This is Who I Am {3} Feeling: “Loved”

Assignment number three in this online workshop is to express feeling – the dominant feeling in your life RIGHT now.  I have enjoyed being a part of this workshop and sharing creatively through writing and photography. 

The dominant feeling in my life right now is LOVE….  I am feeling loved….  loved so dearly and truly by my husband Steve – first and foremost.  His dedication and care for me these past few weeks has been amazing…. always by my side loving me, listening to the doctors and asking all the right questions as I handle this in my own emotional way.  

Loved by my son, Schuyler, who hugs me, kisses me and shows he cares with his hand written notes and hand drawn pictures.  Stephen & Samantha show their love and care too — so nice to see our family so close and strong.

Loved by all my friends across the country with their notes and encouragement, telling me how strong I am — knowing that I am surrounded by the best support network in the world!  Positive notes of hope and love.   

Above is a fun loving photo – self portrait of Steve & I on the boat on the Connecticut River.  We love to hang out on the river and the timer is so fun for shots like these!  🙂  

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Nancy Peck Cook is a trainer and speaker who has presented in front of large and small audiences for the past 25 years.  Her work as an executive and volunteer trainer for the American Cancer Society during the growth of the signature activity Relay For Life trained professionals to be more confident and successful in their roles. 

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