The Toastmaster Platform

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This month is the 40th Anniversary of the charter of our Speakeasy 5340 Toastmaster Club. It was a wonderful gathering of members and a hybrid meeting so people could join where ever they were located. Nora joined from Florida and Cody joined from Canada. My speech was about using Toastmasters as a platform to ignite your career and your life. Below are my notes and points that I made throughout the speech, but engaging the audience and thinking about all the ways that Toastmasters has supported me these past 5 and a half years truly gives me joy!

The Toastmaster Platform


“Picture a journey of transformation, a voyage that transcends mere words and takes you through a profound evolution. Ladies and gentlemen, imagine a platform where speaking isn’t just an art but a catalyst for professional metamorphosis. That platform, for me, has been Toastmasters International.” I joined to be a better public speaker, but gained so much more than that as a speaker, trainer, leader, author and coach.


  • Joined Toastmasters in August 2018

  • Describing Toastmasters as a platform for professional transformation

  • Improved public speaking skills through regular speeches and contest participation.

  • Gained confidence and fluency in delivering presentations, essential for a professional role involving communication. 


  • Developed structured and engaging training sessions as Contest Master and VP Public Relations

  • Utilized Toastmasters’ evaluation skills to train Major Gift officers in enhancing their presentation capabilities.

  • Developing and refining my ability to deliver structured and engaging training sessions through roles like Contest Master and as a VP Public Relations.


  • Served as an Area Director for Area 45 in District 53, overseeing and supporting multiple clubs, which honed leadership skills.

  • Completed paths in Dynamic Leadership and Effective Coaching, acquiring strategies and techniques applicable to leadership roles. Each path finishing up a High Performance Leadership project is key.


  • Speech content “Skiing is Believing” evolved into a successful children’s book, showcasing the creativity fostered through Toastmasters’ storytelling and communication skills.


  • Engaged in coaching and providing constructive feedback to Toastmasters members, essential skills transferable to coaching professionals or teams in various settings.

  • Completed the Effective Coaching Path, gaining insights and methodologies to become an effective coach within or outside of Toastmasters.


Toastmasters isn’t just about improving public speaking; it’s about developing leaders. The organization offers a diverse array of opportunities to enhance skills that transcend the podium. Whether it’s fostering effective communication, refining leadership acumen, or cultivating the art of constructive feedback, Toastmasters serves as a dynamic platform for continual growth.

I urge each of you to explore Toastmasters, whether to overcome the fear of public speaking, refine leadership qualities, or even discover hidden talents. It’s a place where you’ll find encouragement, mentorship, and a community dedicated to supporting your aspirations.

My journey with Toastmasters has been an enriching odyssey of self-discovery, growth, and empowerment. It’s an honor to be part of an organization that nurtures individuals to become confident speakers, capable leaders, and champions of their own success.

“As I conclude, let me leave you with this: Toastmasters isn’t just about refining speeches; it’s about refining lives. It’s about stepping onto a path that leads not only to mastery in speaking but also to leadership, coaching, training, and a world of endless possibilities.

Embrace this journey. Embrace Toastmasters. Transform yourself.

Thank you.”

Nancy Skiing is Believing Author

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