The joys of what ifs

"Our worlds are full of “What ifs?” We need to celebrate the ones that turn out well, the ones that fill our lives with happiness and joy, especially when that joy comes from the moments that cancer survivors brings into our lives." - Dr. Len Lichtenfeld

What if?

Do you ever wonder what if you didn’t keep persevering through challenges in life? I think to myself, what if I wasn’t so positive and didn’t fight for survival and just accepted that eventually we all die? My friend Dr. Len, who was there for me, advising me through one of the toughest times in my life – when I was diagnosed with cancer.  Celebrate the days you have with your loved ones. Cherish the moments and celebrate your lives when you are together.  My message of hope is clear and succinct.  Have hope, inspire hope and share hope with all those around you.  

What if I wasn’t here today to publish my children’s book “Skiing is Believing” to share with all those children that will be inspired to achieve what they set their hearts out to do – they would not hear this message through beautiful illustrations and hear those words, my words …

“Be confident, Be strong.
Have faith and believe.
The power is inside of you…
There is nothing you can’t achieve!

A post on LinkedIn brought me a moment of happiness, as I reflected on the journey of a #cancersurvivor becoming a best- selling children's author.   We need to do more to celebrate our #cancersurvivors and the "What if" moments that may help them along the way, and give us all the encouragement to keep moving forward with our own journeys of love and support.
Len Lictenfeld MD MACP

Here is the link to his blog with the full article

Thank you Len Lichtenfeld MD MACP for your care and guidance. Thank you all for supporting me on this journey as a children’s book author. Proud to be a mother, wife, professional ski instructor, world champion indoor rower, philanthropist and cancer survivor.

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