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The first night of my trip to NHO in Atlanta this past week was a great team activity where we organized the group in cooking dinner and clean up crews. I was a part of the cooking crew and helped with salad and rolls… Here is a post about about the night on www.relayforlife.org our website for Relay! Jeff is a great part of the team and the webmaster – – and he posed MY photos to the story. Very fun!

Also at the recent Ruffle Bu meeting the team building exercise was really nice to be a part of… for a group opf people (24) to virtually work so well together has been great to experience.

FUN – Pre-Meeting Activity!!
As with each meeting we will plan to engage you in a little fun and frivolity while at the same time hoping to build a stronger, more cohesive Team. In order to do so – we need your help! Please complete the following Pre-Meeting activity by October 3rd for the following reasons:
A. The previously mentioned “purpose” of the activity
B. It will be FUN
C. It will be intertwined throughout the ENTIRE meeting and so WE will know if you chose NOT to participate.

here’s what to do…..
1. Bring the following photos with you to the meeting OR EMAIL the photos to Toni by October 3rd
* The front door of your house/apt.
* Your favorite area in your house/apt.
* Your prized possession
* Your pet(s)

Activity at the meeting:
Each person gets a flip chart with their name
Everyone writes nice things about that person on the breaks
Everyone shares photos and people are asked to guess who they belong to and tape them to the flip chart.

Last part of the exercise is for the person to go up to their flip chart and talk about their photos that belong to them and give back / exchange those that don’t.
This is where they talk about the photos.. very nice team building exercise I would recommend to others.

I am posting my photos here….

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