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To stretch or not to stretch? Do you take the time? Do you do it on the run? Do you warm up and then stretch? I agree that being warmed up is the best time to stretch and dynamic stretching is great. In combination, a good stretch routine before your run, during (which is being dynamic and taking a pause once in a while training) – and after your run will indeed lessen your chance for injury.

Here are some of the searches and advice from the internet that I found helpful and go along with how I have been getting into a routine all these years training.

From Training Peaks (Hal Higdon) – Stretching and strengthening can minimize injury. The best time to stretch a muscle is after it is warmed up. Track runners typically jog a mile or two, then stretch or do calisthenic exercises before beginning the intense part of their workout. Long-distance runners are less likely to pause in the middle of a long run to stretch, although this practice is becoming more common. I will stretch before long runs and in the middle of intense workouts, but my preferred time to stretch is after the workout, usually while relaxing in a whirlpool, even though some experts advise against this approach, saying it is too easy to overstretch when the hot water dims your senses.
Every runner should adopt a stretching regimen that is convenient and comfortable.

Here are some great links for stretching routines for runners:

Cool Running – my fave resources for races and events

To Stretch or Not to Stretch

Five Fantastic Stretches from Debbie Pitchford

Iliotibial Band Stretches
Dynamic Stretching Exercises

(Photo above: Boston 07 – Nancy Cook)

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