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Hi Family,

I just wanted to make sure that I sent email to everyone telling you what is going on.   No need to call right now, we have more calls than we can handle just with doctors and logistics while we go through all of this.

Nancy has been diagnosed with Defused Large B-Cell Lymphoma.

We noticed a lump in her stomach about 5 weeks ago now and thought is was a clog in the intestines.  Well, we finally went to see a doctor after 3 weeks and she had no idea what it was, so she sent us for a Cat Scan that week.   We had to wait until the following Monday to be told that they were pretty sure that she had lymphoma a type of cancer.  We then had to setup more tests for a biopsy, pet scan, blood tests, heart tests etc.   Well, we finally got confirmation yesterday that it was indeed cancer.   We head to Boston tomorrow to Mass General for a second opinion to get confirmation from the best cancer doctors in the states about diagnosis and treatment.

We had a trip planned with a lot of my race kids going to Mount Hood for next week, but it looks like we can’t make it since we need to start Chemo right away. This is a fast growing cancer and needs to be stopped as soon as possible.  This is very treatable which is a great thing. it will be 6, 3 week cycles of Chemo treatments for about 4 months.  Hopefully given her excellent health besides the lymphoma, and her being in amazing shape, this should go well.  

Nancy has incredibly high spirits just like the rest of our family and is the most positive person and is constantly still laughing with me all the time.   So we are fine.   

Our best to all of you.   Again, no need to call right now, the volume of medical calls are huge right now so we can’t answer or get back to everyone.   It’s only going to get worse as more people know.

Nancy will probably start a blog real soon to help people who want to know how she is doing and once the calls settle down we’ll let the family know.  Our hope is to start on Monday or Tuesday with the first cycle of Chemo.  This is just growing too fast to not act right away.

Keep Nancy in your prayers.   And know that we love you all.  We are not trying to avoid you, just extremely busy with everything going on.   Email is the best way to contact us if you want.

Thanks for your understanding and prayers.

We Love you all.



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