Stand up for health! Flexispot hits the spot!

What can I say?  It was easy to set up, great to change up my day and move about while being more productive … this stand desk is a game changer!  My job working from home for the American Cancer Society has me at my desk throughout the day, engaged in team calls, nationwide webex meetings, video calls, working from my desktop 100%.   Checkout my interview below sharing my experience in getting a stand desk for my home office.

Why as an active healthy person in today\’s workforce do you want to consider a standing desk?  

All the latest research shows how bad sitting is for you — people driving or flying for a living don\’t have a choice but to be sitting.  When I am driving or flying neither do I, but at home I need to make a conscious effort to stand up and MOVE to keep healthy, not to have issues with my back, neck or body as a whole.  You need to listen to your body – you need to move – you need to get up and not always be sitting.  Having a stand desk gives you that option and movement for your body is good in any form to keep things active and moving during my work day! All active people should focus in all ways to stay active and this is just another way to be in the active mode!

How did you choose your desk model?

I chose the Alcove Riser in Mahogany – 28\” – it fits in my office area without adding bulk and matches perfectly.  I love my Teak office desk and Flexispot had all options for colors and sizes.  I measured my desk and looked for the best matching color that would fit just perfect.  The Flexispot desk is great as it moves up and down without moving forward so it is stable and no need to worry about any other additional space limitations. There were so many great reviews on the customer service and the delivery and ease of set up on Flexispot – for me it was the best choice.  My experience has been flawless from delivery to set up! Thanks for stoping by – I have some pics and videos posted below so you can see how super easy it was to set up! Let me know if you have any questions about the Flexispot Stand Desk they have so many great active options to help your workplace — check out their informative website and blog for more information.


 Change it up – get creative while having the option to sit and stand.  It\’s healthy – it\’s the right thing to do for your body.


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