Splash, Mash and Dash

1/3 mi swim, 13 mi bike, 3.1 mi run
Grantham (Eastman), NH, June 24, 2006
3rd woman, 2nd in age group, 25 overall, (12th in swim, 2nd in bike, 2nd in run)
OK – I all know you think I am nuts, but this is my speedwork for the week!
Interesting to see the finish times below…. – less than 2 min between 1st and 3rd. It rained all through the bike and cleared out for the trail run…. finish was on the beach! Great to see some old friends and be back on the triathlon circuit – planning on doing 5 triathlons total this summer – could be a good season for racing! One note to self – “need to swim more” !
3rd woman
2nd in age

128 – Nancy Peck, Sunapee, NH
09:58.6 – 40
0:40:50.6 – 26
23:08.2 – 25
1:13:57.3 –

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