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Spinner class is held Monday, Wednesday & Friday at the Newport Health Club at 5 AM. Tina and I have been going since the drop in temps and darkness of winter to balance and get training in for the spring cycling and racing season. It has been SO much fun listening to some great music and cranking the gears, dripping sweat, fogging up the mirrors and getting to know the characters in the class – my new friends….

Joe – the spin instructor. Friend and husband of Dawn, dad of Matthew and Jonah. Dawn is in the mom’s group and I have known her and Joe for 5 years. Joe competes in triathlons and is a great motivator, coach and well trained in getting us ready for the season. He knows my competitive spirit and plays up on that for the group. He knows I appreciate the PUSH!

Tina – my running buddy, spinning buddy, the Naimie family is the best! Tina is the CFO at our local hospital and incredibly smart. Makes for some great conversation on everything. But she is a TOP TEN friend and just an incredible listener and level headed person. Very supportive. She is very sympathetic and caring. Lily & Nick are the kids and Chris her husband is a competitive Cat 2 cyclist, Xctry coach for Bow High School and in incredible shape…

Rhonda – Neighbor and also in the mom’s group. Rhonda is running for library board and passionate about politics right now. She is the neighborhood welcome person.

Aggie – Chiropractor in town (mid 30’s?) – mom, good athlete, does a great circuit routine when Joe didn’t make it one day. Great person.

Neil – All smiles, hard worker…

Nick – owns the golf course in town, loves to talk golf and when we had our “riders choice class” Nick shared his dream of a CLIMB!

Eric – Big guy, tatoos all over his body, but a real softie inside, I can tell. : )

Kent – Cycle guy, big goals, no history of racing. Interesting…. we shall see. Eric called him “Sally” one day and he never got over it… (funny!).

So that is the class – there are 2 other girls (can’t remember their names right now) and they are great too – but we have become a little family in the 3 short months I have been training with them. I love coaching, razzing, motivating and laughing…. so this class really gets me going in the morning. Looking forward to the season to see the result of these early season trainings. Look out Nationals! I am just about ready… Just need to find time to swim.

The image is my playlist for an upcoming class, where they will feature my chosen music. Very cool.

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