Speedwork & 9 miler – 12 days to Boston!

Training the last days before Boston —– and feeling GREAT!
Below photo Steve took this winter when I was training with Oakley (March) — in my CW-X tights.  Love them!

April 7 Training Run: 9 miles @ 8.5 min/mi  (including stop & Oakley warmup)
Transfer Station Loop Plus by nanskimtn at Garmin Connect – Details
 April 6 Speedwork Training Run:  5 mi @7:55 min/mi
Speedwork on Rural Road by nanskimtn at Garmin Connect – Details

12 days before Boston and getting in some great speedwork to feel strong for the big day!  Running up Bay Rd Hill this morning my mind wandered to Heartbreak Hill and a few memories I have of that piece of Boston — and how it will feel this year…..

The Good:

  • Training is going well – 4 -20 milers with lots of hills in training
  • Met some great people along the way with the DetermiNation campaigns and local training friends. 
  • ACS has a special shuttle to the start.  Will feel Xtra special at Boston this year.  
  • The start is all downhill for the first 11 miles!
  • Twitter has been a fun mode to keep me connected to all that is happening.
  • Goal????  3:08  (not sure I can do a PR after that amazing 2007 3:05 in Boston) 
  • CWX tights!

The Bad

  • I think of “bad” as BAD – meaning good  🙂  So this is more GOOD – talk about a positive thinker
  • Music — I love my music and discovering and listening to new music on my runs
  • Media – I was featured on Boston.com  — was hoping for More.com (but haven’t heard anything) and maybe even other ops, but who knows.  I haven’t run fast yet, but you need to tell your story a LOT to get some attention.
  • Goal????  3:15 will match my Marine Corps Marathon time and that was good — still have a shot at a good master (age group finish)
  • Nutrition – still need to figure this out —-watching my stomach issues and trying to eat right and get hydrated even with 2 weeks out.
  • Weight is ok – need to drop just a few more to feel just perfect
  • Need new shoes — ordering today – hope they break in on time.

The Ugly

  • Weather:  I hear it may reach the 60’s which is hot for me.  I like it cold.
  • Screams from the college girls at Wesley College in Natick (guys love it – I find it ear piercing)
  • 12 days is going to go fast!
  • Goal?????  Depends on HOW ugly – but a lot of people “just want to finish” — I always want more, which is credited to my competitive nature.  3:30?  I guess that would be ok.   But I really want to push hard!

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