SOOC: Lanscapes & Sunset

On our way home from our little golf driving range outing, I had Steve, my husband pull over on the side of the road in a couple spots that we drive almost every day…. it is on the way to the malls in Hadley, MA. Hadley has always been a farm town…. with the colleges in the area (5) Hadley is now developed and has a ton of stores, a mall and the “strip” is very commercial for a farm town in Western, Mass – although it is truly nice to have all those conveniences close by. Hadley still has that farm “feel” with the smell of cow manure when you park at the Walmart and of course with the beautiful scenery of the still existing farms all around. As I have said in earlier posts this is the organic farm meca and you can see wide open fields for miles upon miles as you drive on the roads in this area. It is home to the Seven Sisters.... A mountain range that includes Mt Holyoke and Mt. Hitchcock…

These photos show a piece of the Seven Sisters in the sunset. I really love the beauty of the lone tree in the field. I have wanted to stop and take some photos of this area for a long time and really glad I finally did. Hope you like these photos as much as I do….. 🙂 Please leave a note if you stop by! 🙂

This is for the SOOC – straight out of the camera, no editing — original photos — hopefully freshly shot this week. Join in on the fun and view some other great photos at the link below.

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