SOCC Saturday: “Bear”

“Bear” is my the Godbout Family pet that they adopted from a private rescue.   I will get more of Bear’s story later, but he is a great friend of Oakley’s that he got to play with this winter when we were coaching skiing on the weekends.  “Bear” is surrounded with love from the wonderful Godbout family and it such a beautiful puppy.  🙂

Lynne brought Bear to the house to have me take some photos to send to the

PYR rescue for their calendar fundraiser that has raised money to support the efforts of this great organization.   Please let me know which of the 4 (3 more below) I have posted here you like best!

Look of love

These photography mems are my new favorite to participate.  It really is motivating me in my photography and I really enjoy all the work of the others participating.  

This is the first time participating in SOCC Saturday & Sunday – SOCC stands for Straight Out Of the Camera.  Which is great for me because the editing is not something I have quite figured out —- all my photos are unedited.   Link below for more great photos! 🙂

Slurping Life

The Rock

True Companion
Please comment below – which one do you like best?  Bear was not an easy pup to photograph as he was on a leash with Daniel (11) — he loves to RUN!  But these shots you can’t see the leash or Daniel – so I think they turned out great!  Lynne was happy! 

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