“Snow Running”

Training in the winter time is a challenge. The darkness, getting out a warm bed to a cold outside, dressing with SO many layers, covering your face and hands if it is really cold… and the fact that they don’t plow the roads very wide to give a shoulder to run on. I have been almost hit a couple times and had to dive into a snow bank. Now I just try to pick the quieter roads as much as possible and I have found the back way through the woods trails to get to the house through our property. It is an amazing workout to run in the snow. Tougher than sand I definitely think so, and the unlevel surface makes it more of a challenge. The ups and downs in the woods, partially on snowmobile trails and the rest in the snow that is semi breakable granular about up to the tops of my ankles. Oakley LOVES running in the woods and it is much better for him to go off leash to have fun!

This is the last HILL up to our house – such a happy sight with home just yards away!

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Nancy Peck Cook is a trainer and speaker who has presented in front of large and small audiences for the past 25 years.  Her work as an executive and volunteer trainer for the American Cancer Society during the growth of the signature activity Relay For Life trained professionals to be more confident and successful in their roles. 

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