Why I love to teach skiing! Snow Pro Mag Q&A

Discipline(s) Alpine
Resort(s) you work atStowe Mountain Resort, Vermont
Certifications/Credentials Alpine Level 3
1) What inspired you to become an instructor? A Ski Patroller for 10 years at Killington, I moved to Colorado and wanted to continue in the industry.  My friend encouraged me and I absolutely loved my experience at the Keystone Ski School in the early 90s teaching beginners on the top of the mountain.  The motivation and camaraderie of the instructors, and training opportunities to get better and better at the sport I love is really inspiring.  After moving back East – I continue to be inspired by others, especially my husband Steve Cook and his best friend Terry Barbour. Skiing is a family sport. It\’s just what we do! There is always something to learn to become more proficient and enjoy the snow!  
2) What keeps you coming back to teach every year? Teaching skiing gives me the opportunity to share my love of this sport.  Watching  my students eyes light up every new experience, growing their skills in some cases, a new sport and expanding their skill and comfort level is a win! When a young eight year old girl proclaims “This is my new favorite sport!” you know you “nailed it”!
3) What stands out about your teaching? My ability to build relationships with clients is important to me and I take pride in connecting with the client and delivering the highest level expectation and at the same time Make it Fun! 
4) What\’s one accessory, tool, or education resource you keep in your pocket? Ski Tip Cards that you order from Snow Pro Product catalogue. Especially if there isn\’t a report card (such is the case with adult private lessons) – this is a great opportunity to give direct feedback and action items for your client to work on skills and see what they have accomplished working with you.  Take the time to share your name, number and how to make another lesson to request you as their instructor to continue their learning and refining their skills as a skier!  
5) Is there an \”insider tip\” you\’d share with new members? I think it is so important to make the effort to get involved in your snow sports school by going to trainings and get togethers to get to know fellow instructors.  Be inspired to keep growing and refining your skills to be a better skier / rider.  Find the time to ski with instructors and have fun in the sport.  The more you enjoy it the more you can transfer that love in your teaching to your students. 
6) Describe a teaching or learning experience that sticks out in your mind. When asking an adult client what her goals are and her response was “I want to look like you Nancy… “   I realized just how important the demo, modeling the turn, and my work in being the best skier I can be reflects in the eyes of my clients and they come back to me to strive to reach that level of skiing.  It makes me proud and excited to share my skills and my love of skiing with each and every one of them.
7) Where can we find you in the summers? And doing what? Rollerblading on the Norwottuck Bike Path in Western Massachusetts, Waterskiing on the Connecticut River, Riding my road bike on the hills toward the Quabbin Reservoir and running the mountains and trails along the Seven Sisters!  
8) Anything we missed? The opportunities we have as snow sports instructors in training and connecting with others is truly a value that only you can work to maximize.  Use your relationship skills and speaking skills to get you to that next level of Snow sport instruction.  The off season is key to year round success and inline skating with the Skate to Ski program, biking, running, climbing and other sports will help you reach your goals.  I know that is how I keep my edge! (No pun intended) 🙂  

This Q&A was a part of the PSIA Snow Pro magazine outreach to instructors. I love teaching skiing and the ski life we have at Stowe, Vermont and Snowbird, Utah. If you are interested in a ski lesson at Stowe – please reach out and let me know or request me through the Stowe Mountain Resort Ski & Ride School!

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