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Who doesn\’t love a good sourdough bread?  I, myself am a huge fan and envy those bakers that just get it right time after time.  It is a process, a love, that takes time and patience.  This recipe is  sharing Schuyler\’s love for sourdough bread that he gets to enjoy regularly when at my ex-husband\’s house at King\’s Farm in Sunapee, New Hampshire.  The recipe directions here are straight from Mario – an expert (in my opinion) at this age old art.  He still does a few private chef gigs on top of his consulting business to stay in the art of being a chef – something he truly loves!   Since his direction didn\’t include ingredients (I am sure he does it all by \”feel\”) – I am linking to the King Arthur recipe I found to help guide me a little better.   So – if you are so inclined to try…. let me know, I hope to be in the sourdough workshop of my own kitchen this weekend!

Basic Rustic Sourdough Bread recipe (if you need a little more guidance) 

Tips from the Sourdough Master – Mario Capozzoli

  • Start with KA European or French flour.   It already has small amounts of ascorbic acid in it.
  • Mix a tablespoon of rapid rise yeast (fresh) in like warm to cool water.  Let it foam.  More on the cool side.  I use around 2 cups of water. 
  • Then add a cup of the KA flour. Mix.  Let it sit for three hours with the windows open.  Don’t cover it. 
  • Then re mix.  Adding more European flour.  Still moist. 
  • Rest 3-5 hours or overnight to begin the flavoring.  Cover.  It will rise. 
  • Then add salt.  Sea salt.  Maybe a couple tablespoons of vital wheat gluten if you need more structure.   

For Schuyler’s bread, I add two tablespoons of potato flour to make the crumb tighter.  He doesn’t like big holes. 

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Knead.   Rest.  Knead. Rest.

Then for the final rest, I place it in the bakers basket your mom gave me for Christmas.   It’s the best!!!  (Yes, gramma Jan is always part of Schuyler’s bread!)

  • Oven with a stone on 450F.  Spray bottle with water.
  • Use your peel to place the loaf on the baking stone.   Spray the top so it glistens.
  • Bake. Adjusting heat so your crust doesn’t get too burnt.
  • Insta read thermometer:  175F or until it comes out clean.
  • Rest before cutting.   Or you’ll ruin it.

The vitamin C in the bread flour is good. Because it feeds the yeast and makes it stronger.  

If over fed, the yeast will become lazy like a human.  

It’s Alive.  Let it work a bit.   

Dig your hands in.  Feel it. 


And fresh, hot out of the oven — it\’s amazing!  Enjoy!



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