Six in the Stix

Ran a 6 mile trail race on Saturday – placed 3rd woman – one minute behind number 2 girl (they were both in their 20’s – I felt pretty good about my reults, just knowing that…). The uphills were long, the downhills were wild and the stairs up to the ski jump were not a lot of fun for the last mile. Twisted my ankle (which today is still stiff) and have a nice blister on my right foot. Fun times in the woods of New Hampshire!
Schuyler ran his first trail race – 3/4 mi – he needed to be coaxed, and wanted to quit a few times, so a lesson from mommy in competing and never quitting was in store. They encouraged the parents to run with the children and he kept asking me for a piggy back ride, which was of course not possible (he is now 43 lbs!). We chased down the little girl and she passed him on the track – which again made him want to quit – so funny how it is out loud just the way I feel in races, except with a little more exaggeration….. He crossed the line, instead of breaking through the tape he ducked underneath and got his ribbon for finishing. Very nice.
Best part was when they called my name as first in my age group – – Schuyler shouts “HEY that’s you mommy!” and I won a quart of maple syrup. : )

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