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 This week Faith at Simplicity is featuring birthdays.
I have a photo for everyone’s birthday — and always love to take the cake shot too.  This photo is from my birthday – which is the last birthday we have celebrated at the house.  Birthdays are always special for me.  I love to celebrate the lives of those I love.  I love the ice cream cake, the candles, the love that surrounds each special person.  It means a lot to me to share that special day or celebration of the day they were born.  After all — it is about celebrating life.  Every single day — but the birthday is the one day you can call your own.  I take my birthday off from work and plan something every year.  I remember on my 40th year I celebrated all year round.  Every restaurant I went into I told them it was my birthday and I got the special dessert.  Now with this wonderful family around me, we have cake for each birthday — whether on the day or a week later.  Schuyler’s birthday is the bash of the year and I have featured photos previous of those really awesome parties filled with kids.

But for now — here is my special day — June 22.
I love the lower photo that my husband Steve took when Schuyler was climbing on me while I was holding the cake.  Truly a happy moment.
Celebrate Life.

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