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FOR TODAY March 11, 2010
Outside My Window...  It’s dark.  Just said good bye to my sweet husband who is on the road to Loon Mountain in New Hampshire to teach a PSIA event.  I love to wake up with him and pack his breakfast and coffee.  At times we both travel and it is this support that keeps us both so strong, feeling loved and completely connected.
I am thinking...  I should go back to bed, but I love to write and share my thoughts.  So much to do and with ski coaching on the weekends my life is so busy, I don’t have as much time to get it all done.
I am thankful for… my life, my family!  Schuyler is doing so well in school, socially and academically.  He had 2 calls for after school “playdates” (hmmm  what do you call them when they are 8?) and is so crazy about letting his hair grow long, he makes me smile all day!
From the kitchen... blended strawberries & Cool Whip!  I LOVE my Vitamix and my recovery drink of OJ, frozen strawberries & mango with Shaklee Physique & Performance was truly a culinary treat!
I am wearing… My leopard bathrobe & PJs  (still thinking I need to go back to bed!)
I am creating... a video montage of my photos of the girls from this year at Mount Snow.  I know the music to use because they (mostly Rachael, Emma & Sydney) would sing Taylor Swift from the chair EVERY weekend.  Sad — I will miss seeing these girls every weekend, they are an amazing group — I named them the Snow Divas!
I am going... to Snowbird after the Boston Marathon, but this time I have a week to rest before hitting the slopes.  I remember the first Snowbird trip with Steve after my 3:05 Boston and how sore I was!  It was a long recovery process after my dehydration bit at the hospital in Kansas City, Vail & Snowbird.  What a crazy time in my life — April of 2007.
I am reading... with Schuyler as much as possible.  His poem each day from school to learn expression & all the books we have in the “library”!  Need to get to the town library again soon — any suggestions?
I am hoping... my training pays off for the Boston Marathon after running my second 20 miler…. I am finally feeling “ready” although not quite where I want to be.  Need some speed training to go faster!  🙂
I am hearing... a lot of new music ….  I love music…  my latest is “The Healing Hand of God” – – I think of Steve when I hear the words and I really love Jeremy Camp.
Around the house... we are getting things all picked up and ready for spring.  I went to the “transfer” station yesterday and LOVE the feeling of all the trash and recycle materials out of the house and garage.  I love having a clean house, it takes a lot of work and cooperation of the family, but it is so worth it!
One of my favorite things... is my new camera – a Nikon d300.  The photos I have been taking the past couple weeks have been at another level.  The upcoming slide show for the Development program is featuring a lot of my photos and I am so proud of the shots.  I get such great joy when someone loves one of my photos!  I get comments now at the races from Bromley & Stratton families too!  It is these moments with these children that are captured and treasured!  My photography business is getting off the ground and I am so proud of the photos.  Looking forward to an upcoming wedding gig — stay tuned!
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:  Finish my slideshow, clean the car, pack for Mount Snow — get a lot of ACS work accomplished & get ready for spring!
Here is picture I am sharing...  The group of J5’s at the top of Bear Trap found their way up this building….  Schuyler and his friends are so much fun to watch learn and grow together — they have all improved so much as ski racers and really have made this a great winter for all of us.  Steve loves coaching these J5 kids and the progress they are all making is phenomenal!  I love these smiling faces of Aidan, Izzy, Alex, Max & Schuyler!

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