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The challenge this week from Sailor and Company? Go into your 2nd folder of photos (I went into my iPhoto collection) and select the 6th photo in that folder. I love this photo of Evan from Schuyler’s birthday party — although this challenge got me thinking I should really clean up my hard drive and only keep the better photos….. this one is great – I guess I got lucky.

This was a great birthday bash for Schuyler.  I have put a party on for him every year with the goodie bags, the games, the cake and then presents.  Our Mom’s group we called the “Birthday Bunch”  and it seemed that we were always having birthday parties for our kids, especially the summer.  So fun.  I love getting to know the moms and having all the kids over at the same time.  We are lucky that Schuyler’s birthday is around Halloween so we add the costume effect and ask all the kids to come in costume.  Last year we had 12 plus kids.  I am also including the group shot of the kids on the CedarWorks playset.  I sent it to them to show them how we still use it and that it really looks great for landscaping in the backyard.  🙂
Games we played that day included donuts on the string (who can eat it the fastest), tug of war and we made an obstacle course around the yard.  We hoped to get a zip line up — maybe next year!
Such fun photos – and always great memories —- can’t wait for October to roll around and plan another!

I can’t believe he is almost nine.  Time flies SO fast….

This truly qualifies as something that makes me wildly happy.  🙂


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