Scavenger Hunt Sunday – Skiing in Style!

Scavenger Hunt Sunday Skiing in Style

This is Max. 
It’s all a routine for a skiing family. The benefits of your children skiing in the Development Program at Mount Snow really makes skiing fun and a routine that fits the winter life at Mount Snow. He is a freestyle skier and at 13 is comfortable skiing every where! We skied the park at Carinthia, the trees, steeps on the Northface, Yard Sale and even “Ripcord” which is the steepest of them all. Such fun — such a great routine!

This is Barb. 
When in Vermont we think of the Sound of Music! The hills are alive with the sound of music – indeed! Such a beautiful photo of my dear friend and ski racer mom. Love the view of Stratton Mountain from Bromley!

This is Olivia. 
She is an amazing athlete & skier. Failed technology was in the stars at the race this past Sunday at Bromley. Many of the boys and girls “stepped” right out of their bindings. . . You can see how when she hit the burm (edge of the track) she steps right out of her binding and crashes to the ground. She was utterly disappointed and so so sad. You can see her father comforting her in the shots below. These kids push themselves so hard, that when a crash like this happens it really affects their psyche.

Show Me Your Style
This is Danny. 
This 9 year old boy is true inspiration. His edge angles, body position and line is always so exact he is a joy to watch & show others as a perfect example. The best part about this boy is just so sweet & nice and caring of all his friends. You can see the love of the sport of skiing in his face every time he competes. I made an album of his ski racing last year and it shows his style — so perfectly. 

This is Kayla. 
All the colors of the GS suits are actually hard to match if you get various colors! This is such a beautiful colorful display of matching or mismatching of a colorful style! I love how these colorful GS suits POP out in the snow!

Hope you like my selections this week! It has been a fun winter photographing and getting to know these 7,8.9 and 10 year old little athletes! 😉 Please leave a comment if you stop by!

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

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