Scavenger Hunt Sunday! October 2, 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday!
Here are my Nancy E. Photography Selection for the week. 
We had a great weekend of soccer games, spending time with Alex & Betty & Harrison in Clifton Park & then to celebrate my Grama’s 90th birthday in Mechanicville.  It was great to see the entire family (all the generations were there and it was truly great to photograph some of the beautiful children that were there!

Grama turning ninety this weekend we had a BIG party and all her children, grandchildren (that is me & my cousins!), and great grandchildren (all but 6) and some cousins were able to make it to Mechanicville, NY to celebrate Gram in her golden years.  These are all “golden moments”!  This one was my favorite photo of the bunch!  Flanked by her 2 daughters…. my mom on the left and my Aunt Sandy on the right.  Amazing women I am truly proud of and love so very much!

The smell of fresh fallen leaves, the cool air, and the innate ability of a dog’s nose to smell it all!  This photo is now my desktop — one of my favorite “captures” of the year!

From last week in the Cold Spring Apple Orchard.  

Blonde hair, blue jeans, white shirts and jeans … on the steps of the hall with the white background – simple & beautiful at the same time!  My niece Amanda with cousins Shannon & Meghan McBride – all great grandchildren of Grama and such beautiful young ladies all freshmen in college this year.

Here is one of Shannon with this same look that I really think is an amazing photo and had to share…. 

Schuyler playing soccer, learning and growing in skill level, watching him hustle and play the midfield is truly something that makes me so proud!  This photo was taken from atop the bleachers on the side of the field.  Check out the shadow of his body, but also with the other players shadow of his head in this shot — pretty cool!

For more really great photos of some fantastic photographers — go to Ashley’s site by linking below—->

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

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