Scavenger Hunt Sunday: August 8, 2010

It’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday!

This week I took a lot of photos, for blogging and to get ready for the August Scavenger Hunt.  And of course for my Sunday selections!  I had the categories and the list of everything and everywhere I wanted to shoot typed and written out on a sheet of paper in my camera bag — and prepared for a great week of photographs.  I was happy with all the photos in my library to date and here today I get to share a few for this challenge that I really think is my favorite of them all!  

Shadow or Silhouette 
My gorgeous husband and my beautiful son in the photo below…..   I had a great golf silhouette but decided I should play with some of the recent shots and share these as my selections.

Motion Blur
We had a wonderful family get together while Steve’s mom is in town and it was so fun to watch the older boys jump of the diving board last night.  I got some great motion blur shots of them playing a game of “catch” off the board.  Fun!

This is Jason

One of their friends from their high school hockey team

 This is Chris

And Scott — upside down!

Surprise, surprise — our house is FULL of ski magazines…..  Snow Pro, 32 degrees, SKI, Skiing, Powder, and Ski Racing are our favorites — we read them all year round!  And watch ski videos for skill development and training, as well as my personal favorite – Warren Miller!  Here is a small selection displayed with just a small selection of the skis in our back room.  🙂

This is a random interpretation, but I was thinking about the number 10 —  Then I thought about my son Schuyler, his birthday is 10-10 and I love to take his photo — as much as he avoids the camera, I do manage to get some great ones.  This one was yesterday on the boat!  🙂

Love our Simon Pearce red wine goblets, and they look just amazing next to one of our all time favorite wines Cline Zinfandel.  We enjoyed this when brother Gary came to dinner!  😉

This last photo was taken at the Pink Petal when I was there picking up my wig.  Her beautiful displays and cancer awareness pieces were all so beautiful.  This stain glass butterfly was truly one of my favorites.  

Thanks for stopping by — please leave a comment below  —  all comments long and short are truly appreciated.  

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

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