Scavenger Hunt: September 19, 2010 – “Wishes”

I love this photography challenge of having a list of things to photograph and being able to interpret in your own photographs and share with others.  I find it is a great way to share our world, our family and really has given life to my personal blog.   It truly helps the spirit and the healing of my own challenges and I appreciate how it has changed the way I look at things and in turn photograph them to share with others.  Enjoy my selections of the week!

1. Wish/Dream
I love this photo of Oakley swimming toward these ducks on Coventry Lake in CT.  You can just feel his wish to catch up and play with them!  (From my archives)

2. Clean
This also could qualify as a wish, because I wish that this was clean — stacking wood is cleaning up our yard and it was our weekend chore, so I thought I would share our handywork!  : )

3. Currency
I wish that money would grow on trees and there would be no issues with balancing where it goes, how it is saved or spent.  OK – so I couldn’t pin the dollar to a tree, but think it looks pretty in the green clover of our lawn.  🙂

4. Pair
Oakley (the dog) and LaKota (the horse) are quite the pair to watch in action each morning on the way to the bus. Lakota watches Oakley and he teases her a little to make her dance and run around the pen.  Very cute indeed.  🙂
Schuyler and I both wish and would love to have our own horse some day, but “borrow” the love from our neighbors!

5. Square
Last wish for this post– that we would all support our “Local Hero Farms” .  It is getting toward that time where the farm stands will be closing, so support them while you can!  The signs are normally rectangle, but that is a version of a square right?  I hope I don’t get penalized! 🙂   

If you want to join in on the fun — link up to Ashley each Sunday is a new list of fun things to find and photograph!  

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

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