Scavenger Hunt – 2 of my favorite things – Skiing & Mountains

Berkshire East hosted the Pioneer Valley Individual Championships.  I shot the boys Slalom run – this is the number 1 seeded boy John Mentor – what amazing form!  In Slalom skiing when you reach across your body to hit the gate is called a “cross block” 🙂

John Mentor, Longmeadow, Seeded #1

A Glimpse

…of a future Olympian. 🙂  Schuyler is so jazzed now that he is skiing fast and placing in and near the top 10 of the 70 plus 9-10 year old boys.  He has such great form, the whole thing is finally coming together and he loves it!  So amazing to see him have such confidence in his skiing!  

Schuyler – 2nd run at Stratton, VT

The Stratton Training Center made this banner for their kids at their home race this past weekend.  Each J5 (9-10 year old) signed the banner — very cool to have the motivation and support of your team mates!
J5 STC banner at Stratton, VT

… to see our friend Glen who survived a stroke at the same time I was diagnosed with cancer a year and a half ago.  It was bliss to see him recovering and happy!  Here he is with our other dear friend Richard – they are coaches for the Longmeadow team.
Glenn & Richard

..skies mean snow is coming! Or so we hope.  It has been a dry winter here in Massachusetts and pretty dry up north in Southern VT too.  Here is the view of Bromley from Stratton Mountain.  We love the mountains in the winter!
Bromley Mountain, VT
Hope you like my photos! Please leave a comment if you stop by! If you are interested in more great photos from some amazing photographers and/or want to play along check out the link to Ashley’s blog below! 

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