Say it with a Tshirt!

From the Boston marathon “athlete’s village” – this girl had a number 13,000 plus and had a Timberman hat on – so you know she is hooked. Not quite sure why the 100% BS comes from, but I smiled when I saw it…..

Our friend (11 years old) Carson had this shirt on as he jumped, skied and rocked Sugarbush. He skis better than 90% of the adults I know… and is A LOT of fun to ski with! The shirt is from Whiteface, but Carson skis Mad River Glen, VT ( on a daily basis, and his dad is a former National Team member and is better than 99% of the adult skiers in the country!

“The saying on the MRG tshirt / bumper sticker is “Mad River Glen – Ski it if you can!”, and they mean it! That gives you an idea of the terrain these kids ski every day…. Skiing the “bush” was great, although I was still pretty sore and not moving real fast in the bumps!

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