“Roo” the Rooster- Macro Monday

At The O’Brien Farm last week I met up with a savory character…. “Roo” the Rooster!

Here is a note from Karin:

Well, heading out to barn to check the herd, horses, sheep, and chickens. We now have only 8 chickens. WE gave away all the roosters but one. His name is “Roo” and he thinks he is “the Man” now!!!  He has 7 hens all to himself!  Happy, happy , happy!!!!!!!  ANd it is much quietter, no, all night crowing!!!    I think he is too tired to crow after beiing “busy” with all his hens. LOL….

SO funny — as when I went out there he surely was not happy that I was in “HIS territory” and came after me a couple times.  🙂  Once I left him and his hens alone, he was fine with my visit.  

I got some beautiful shots of him in all his color and really wanted to highlight him for Macro Monday.  


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