The River Adventures – Summer 2008

– We love our new boat and love to roam around on the river enjoying the new slip at the Sportsmans Marina in Hadley on the Connecticut River. We had to take the boat out of the water because the rain was so heavy and there was so much debris and the crazy current issue for the marina. But we are back from the honeymoon and ready to go again!

Here are some quick notes on our adventures!

– Waterskiing is the best on the river in front of the large crowd of party boats up river – down river there is a pretty cool beach that we see folks anchored as well. Playing the stereo loud as the party boat, and swimming is fun on the river . The area where others stop is always a great place to be in the sun. Our boat is the perfect party boat with the stereo and the skis hanging off the side. Schuyler and Steve had a really fun water pistol fight one day we just had to get out on the water – – what a great place to cool off!

– Samantha & Sarah were on the Larson when it had its last day and also went up with us to NH – Lake Winnepesaukee where we bought our new boat at Gillan Marine. “The cure for boat envy!” – If you need a boat – talked to Dion – he’s the best! What a great marina and place to buy a boat. We are so happy with our Moomba! It was fun taking photos of the girls with their big smiles as Steve built a big wake for them to jump.

– Stephen and Josh have seen us through some pretty crazy storms with us (twice, second time with Alicia)- running from the dark clouds down river to the dam and they had such a great time eating Pringles underneath the cover in the bow of the boat…. it was a crazy day! Booming thunder and loud cracking lightning…. a little scary but we out ran it down to the dam where we couldn’t go any further.

Frankie, Joe and Lucy came out with us when the water was so high and no one was swimming – – but we went upstream further than ever because it was so deep where normally shallow. All the way past the blue bridge. Steve was so great to work with the boys and they were able to drive with his guidance. Schuyler loves the boat more now than ever and it is great to have friends there with him – on the tube and even just hanging out!

Looking forward to many more days on the boat – skiing and spending time with family & friends!

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