Relay Season is here in New England with BLUE skies!

It’s a Friday night in April and it has begun… Relay season is here! Schuyler, Steve and I stopped by the local 5 College Relay – including participants from UMASS Amherst, Amherst College, Smith College, Hampshire College & Mount Holyoke. What great weather, blue sky, lots of sunshine and the weather in the 70’s. Perfect weather for a Relay and amazing for New England this time of year. Lot’s of smiles, lot’s of college students and supporters round the track with their fraternity and sorority t-shirts and the Relay tshirt of the event. I love to go and say hi to the staff people that work with these great volunteers to make it all happen in the communities, and it was fun to start the season off in my new community to visit this event…. say hi to Diane, Tracy & Kelly and take photos.

Below are some of my favorites – and here is a link to a larger collection on Kodak for your viewing pleasure. I think we need a contest for photos amongst my favorite bloggers…. My buddy Shelly has some amazing pics from the west coast…. this could be a great season to get some award winners!

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