Reflections: Prepping for Big Lake 1/2

The Big Lake 1/2 is tomorrow at 8 am. We are staying with Tina, Chris, Lily & Nick in their new home in Concord, NH. Pretty psyched about this race as it will give me a good indication of what level I am running in prep for the marathon – now a little over 2 weeks away.

Here is a link to my race here 2 years ago. This will be my 3rd Big Lake 1/2 – I remember the time before going up to the race alone and racing in the rain… nasty.

So in thinking about goals, I consider my PR of 1:28:48 (set on this course 2 years ago) and my last 1/2 marathon time in Hollis at the Applefest where I ran a 1:32:30. Although as I recall I was not really pushing too hard at that race…. Not quite getting the killer instinct for some reaon.

My goals:

I do the 3 goal option to be as mentally competitive as I am it really keeps me
focused and ok with my final, whatever that may be…

Big Lake 09:
“The planets are aligned and the gods are smiling” time: 1:25:00 – What the heck, give it my all, dig deep, remember all those power songs, get some sleep tonight and think about the champagne on the boat to celebrate victory! 🙂

“Considering all my times and averages” this is a more realistic top goal: 1:28:08 (just one up to beat that PR)

“It’s just not the day to hit my PR …. I haven’t been racing this year, my training is at a taper and my mind isn’t in race mode – and those paved roads kill my legs: 1:30

Think of me at 8 am Monday morning – and send me ALL your strength and speed – I
will need it!

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