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Those of you who know me know I work for the American Cancer Society and honestly I am an AVID non-smoker.  One of my best friend’s husband is severely addicted and I have listened to the trials of how difficult it is to quit.  The American Cancer Society Quitline has been such a success for so many and I congratulate people all the time for the number of years they have quit.  I realize that it is not easy.  But I can’t stand to be around it, the smell is nauseating and the clothing smells like smoke no matter how little you are exposed.  Here is some information on the fact of the impact of lung cancer.

Lung cancer is one of the leading contributors of death out of drug abuse related ailments and cancers generally in the world. The male gender is believed to be the worst affected more than the female globally, common assumptions conclude that either men are not keen to seek regular medical attention that is required to maintain the body’s health and well being, or they just decide to be ignorant. More so consumption of other drugs as well in addition to tobacco is vibrant, which is known to cause chemical reactions inside the body which are injurious and detrimental to one’s health and can cause other different kinds of cancers as well.

Based on the American statistics; 1 out of every 5 consumers die each year which is an equivalent of about 438000 preventable deaths through out the United States. It is estimated that 38000 deaths are affiliated to second hand smoking each year. Further, 90% of deaths resulting to lungs cancer are among men while 80% of women die annually due to smoking. According to the latest records, 21000 people are diagnosed with cancer annually, where 85% of these individuals are believed to pass on within the next five years in line.

Alarming data continues to show that, about one quarter of the female deaths and a third of the male are caused by lung cancer worldwide. It has also been considered that 45% of lung cancer deaths have been recorded more on those who are below the ages of 70. Globally, every 30 seconds someone dies from a case of cancer. Lung cancer kills more people on earth than a combination of breast cancer, prostate cancer and colon cancer. Although the disease is preventable, it still remains a serious killer. An estimated 20% of American women and 25% of American men are frequent smokers while awakening statistics of 26% of senior high school students smoke regularly. Did you know that female smokers are two times likely to suffer from lung cancer than their male counterparts? Still, amongst non smokers the risk of getting lung cancer in women is always high.

With all that said — DON’T smoke!  And if you do there is HELP for you to quit. I am proud that no one in our family smokes and really hope that we can all choose health. 
SO — on to the theme of green and why I had to write about lung cancer.  We are in the mecca of organic farming in Western Mass and there are many tobacco farms.  Although I relish the fact that these beautiful plants are going to make this deadly killer of a cigarettte, I stopped one day to photograph the big beautiful leaves and thought this theme was perfect for Raw(e) this week.  I love this photo — So lush, so GREEN.  

Hope you like my photo.  Thanks for stopping by.  
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