“Rao’s Coffee”

Simple pleasures – Coffee. Is it a vice or a necessity in life? I say the latter…. for the pleasure it brings. I love the smell of coffee, the taste… black, hot, steaming GOOD coffee –

I consider myself a coffee snob, I love it black.. another thing that Steve & I had in common, right away (feeling CONNECTED) – and as hot as possible. And a cup of good freshly roasted coffee is pure pleasure. I used to drink Peets – home delivered, which is just fabulous, but here in Amherst, Steve has turned me (and us) on to a regular delivery of RAO’s coffee. The best coffee around, and it truly rivals Peets. Locally roasted beans, this buzz of a coffee shop has wooden floors, little cafe tables, inside and on the curb outside in the summer. The college kids play music, cook fresh baked goods for the case in the front, and everything is so tasty. It is located on Kellog Street – one of those side street short cuts, but it is right down the alley off the main drag where the Cook Brothers run the family Optical Shoppe (Tom & Jim).

Come to Amherst, busy college town, quaint New England village and enjoy some RAO’s coffee sometime soon!

About the photo – I love the alley shot of Rao’s sign, the trash can, parking meter and the post with all the flyers publishing the local events going on in town – so college town-like it gives a true feeling of being here, in the little busy town, home of 5 colleges in the area. Waiting for the snow to melts when the outside will soon bustle with tables and people for the spring!

Side note: I am a Starbucks addict… new question of the month …. what is your favorite coffee at Starbucks… see above right nav. We have a great partnership with Starbucks with NCTP and I love to support them too! : )

See Carla’s page for one of my fave Starbucks coffee shots!

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