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Time for a shoe review! A real review from a real runner! I am in love with these New Balance shoes.  First Shoe review on this blog and I give these girls 4 stars! I have run more than 100 miles in these shoes so I think they have been proven worthy! And…. tell me you don\’t just love the name (Hint: Strava addicts!)

Summit Q.O.M. GTX

Pros: They are a stiff shoe and well made to do very well in the rocks, snow and off kilter terrain. Gore-Tex helps to withstand the mud and water on the trails. I ran right through the mud yesterday and my feet stayed dry! They are a very well put together shoe and very sturdy for mountain and trail. I have run on trail shoes in the past that really did not stand up to the test of time or wear well in the muddy and wet trails in my area – – but these do! Trail running and hill training in my back woods is my daily run — so these are my daily runner and they have been tested in all conditions!

Cons: The only con I can think of is that they are so stiff they take a little bit of time to break in once you have them going they are amazing. The color was a little bland. But these are the Gore Tex GTX version and I look forward to trying the new colors in the Summit Q.O.M next!

Where to Buy? I love my local sports store Marathon Sports for sneakers, so you get the expert first hand fitting. But when I know what I want and I have tried them before I stick to ordering from NewBalance.com – I love the points you earn from purchases and the free shipping! Customer service rocks at New Balance and I am a fan! Price: $100-$120

Here is a direct link to the trail running shoe in this review. Check them out here!

Thanks for stopping by! What are your favorite trail and mountain running shoe? Hope you liked my review! Please leave a comment below!


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