Putting on my dancing shoes! Race Report 2019 #1

Racing on the road and trails can be tricky because you need the right shoes that fit the shape of your foot, arch support while taking into consideration if you pronate or supinate or a neutral stance. I am sharing what shoes I wore for my races and a quick commentary for this report – enjoy!

The Half marathon and 5k were the first 2 races of this year for me representing the Western Mass Distance Project in the USTAF New England Grand Prix! The 10k USATF National Championship is also a great race and our team did very well! The camaraderie and support of this team is one major motivator for me in my training and racing.

New Balance is our sponsor and I have truly enjoyed the feel, the lasting support and fit of these shoes for my success on the road and the trails. My shoe of choice for racing is my Purple Magic Slippers (1500 v5 Racing Flats) and my daily road runner is my NYCM 860 v9. I love the QOM for running through mud and puddles (which I do every morning for 2 miles with the dogs)! Truly loving the support, fit and feel of my New Balance sneakers!

New Bedford Half Marathon

  • Date: March 17th
  • Distance: 13.1 miles
  • Shoes: New Balance 860V9 NYC MARATHON
  • Weather: Windy and cold (29 degrees F)
  • Time: 1:39:22 for a 7:35 min/mile pace 
  • Place: 8th in age / 568 overall place
  • WMDP Team (Open and Masters)
  • Link to results

 March 17th – USTAF New England Grand Prix Race #1– First time running this half marathon with the team. Everyone warned me of the windy and cold weather, but it wasn\’t that bad. Car pools are always fun and team bonding is the best. Riding out with John and Sara was a lot of fun getting to know both of those team runners better. It was great to run with Karen E who is running with our team this year to strengthen our senior team – she placed 4th in age and truly is an inspiration to me. She was 4th and I was 5th for the team so we both scored for the Open and Master division. We had 3 (Karen, myself and Karin) for a senior team so we did well there too! I can\’t find the team results but that was from the race recap from Dan Smith our club president.

USTAF National 10K Master\’s Championship – James Joyce Ramble

  • Date: April 28th
  • Distance: 10K / 6.2 miles
  • Shoes: New Balance 1500 v5 Racing Flats aka: Purple Magic Slippers
  • Weather: Sunny and perfect (45 degrees)
  • Time: 44:53 – 7:14 min/mile
  • Place 125th overall / 12th in age group
  • WMDP Team Results – Team Silver 2nd place
  • Link to results

This was the second time I have run this race. Rolling Hills and quite the competitive group because it is the national championships. There is always lots of fun free giveaways and friendly running people! The date is so close to when we get back from our Snowbird vacation, giving me the opportunity to run at elevation and see what I can do! I felt great out there and kept a even pace after a quick start. Fun times with great friends – car pooling out with Ed and Dana, then back home with Abby made for some great conversation and fun!

7 Sisters Trail Race

  • Date: May 4th
  • Distance: 12 miles
  • Shoes: New Balance Q.O.M.
  • Weather: Sunny and perfect (45 degrees)
  • Time: 3:19:47
  • Place: 1st in age 50-59 221/450
  • WMDP Team Results: Kelsey won! Phoebe, Jane, Jessica also ran!
  • Link to results

Seriously one of my favorite TOUGH races – as much as it is such an incredible challenge – it\’s joining a club of Tough Runners! Amy Rusiecki is the RD Extraordinaire – Colleen Keenan is the volunteer coordinator – Caroline Henna is the PR lead and Carolyn Stocker is always there at the event as part of the committee. Fun Fact – Carolyn\’s Dad was one of the founders of this race and I think he still competes every year! 

The photo above is last downhill of 7 Sisters – and then I head to the finish line. I remember this moment and it deserves a smile 😊 This “race” is for those looking for the ultimate challenge 💪🏼 A cross between mountain running, cross country and rock climbing 👍🏼🏃‍♀️. Slower then my 2016 time by 20 min plus but conditions vary so comparing is not good. I feel accomplished for being out there and enjoying this race with the best runners and friends around! Yay for 1st in my age group and until next year…. ❤️🎉💪🏼. Thank you @kristinsara24 for the hydration vest and @abbywmahoney for the great photos!

Westfield Fast 5K

  • Distance: 3.1 miles / 5k
    Shoes: New Balance 1500 v5 Racing Flats aka: Purple Magic Slippers
    Weather: Hot, Sunny (70 degrees) 1 PM start
    Time: 21:02
    Place: 5th in age group
    WMDP Team Results: Masters results still unknown- Men won 1st and Women\’s Open 3rd place.
    Link to results
  • A great day for our WMDP team! 1st place men\’s team and 3rd place for the open team. I also know our Master\’s team faired well, but we are still awaiting the results. I felt rested and strong, even in the heat of the day — running sub 7 minute miles throughout. I didn\’t look at my watch during the race, hoping to just push as much as I could without the added pressure of obsessing over my time. It wasn\’t until the last 200 yards I realized I could break a 21 minute 5k and broke into a sprint at the end! 2 seconds short, but feeling like it is possible for this year to potentially break a 21 on a similar course. I have heard them say that this course is net downhill and I was going with the flow!It was great to spend time with my team mates and be a part of the fun and festivities for the Westfield celebrations that weekend!

WMDP Results – (age group placing)


Abby Mahoney (3rd) 19:46

Dawn Roberts (3rd) – 19:49

Nancy Cook – (5th) 21:02

Paulina Baltazar (8th) – 21:28

Karen Encarnacion (6th) – 21:30

Heidi Besse (9th) – 21:48

Melissa Cooney (10th) – 22:10


Jenna Gigliati – (2nd) – 16:58

Danielle Winslow (5th) – 17:10

Apryl Sabadosa (9th) – 17:46

Abby Mahoney (3rd) 19:46

Dawn Roberts (3rd) – 19:49

Sarah Adams (32nd)  20:46

Proud to be a part of this amazing team! Well done!

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