Professor Fred Peck: 1893 Humorist

My Aunt Pat is our family genealogist on my father’s side.  She has completed millions of hours of research and has given us all a book on the history and lines of our family dated back to the 1700’s.  

In that line is my relation to this man pictured in these posters.  Professor Fred Peck was a humorist who performed in the Saratoga, New York area in 1893.  He was often featured in the Saratoga CHAT as stated by the article in photo #3.  There is definitely a Peck family resemblance, and I proudly look like a “Peck”.  

I love these prints and am afraid to say they are seeing their wear as they were reprints of the original and not stored as they should have been through the years.  I cherish them along with the antique quilt made more than 100 years ago by my ancestors.   

Enjoy!  And please leave a comment if you stop by!

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